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EPIC-MRA conducted a survey of 600 Michigan likely voters between Mar 19 and Mar 22, 2016. Respondents were contacted by either Cellphone or Landline and instructed by a live operator. The results of this poll were released on Mar 24, 2016.

Results were provided for the only publicly acknowledged question.

Question 18 | PreferenceView Matchup

If the election were held today, and the candidates were [ROTATE] Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, would you vote for [ROTATE] Donald Trump the Republican or Hillary Clinton the Democrat? [IF UNDECIDED, ASK: “Well, if the election were held today and you had to decide right now, which candidate would you lean toward, [ROTATE] Hillary Clinton the Democrat or Donald Trump the Republican?” AND CODE BEST RESPONSE]

Clinton (D)Trump (R)Undecided/Refused

This question was presented to 600 likely voters from Michigan who were contacted in some undisclosed fashion. The margin of sampling error is ± 4%.

The question wording was provided by EPIC-MRA.


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