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AR: Issues & Answers Network, Inc, University of Arkansas

48 Questions | 1 point | October 18-27, 20160 Comments

Issues & Answers Network, Inc and the University of Arkansas conducted a survey of 800 Arkansas likely voters between Oct 18 and Oct 27, 2016. Respondents were contacted by either Cellphone or Landline and instructed by a live operator. The results of this poll were released on Nov 2, 2016.

Results were provided for the only publicly acknowledged question.

The rejection rate for this poll was 63%; this means that approximately 1362 additional respondents were contacted but declined to participate.

The external identification number for this poll is 16587.

Question 9 | PreferenceView Matchup

Thank you. Now let's look ahead to the election in November. Let’s start with the presidentialrace. At this point, are you likely to vote for…Donald Trump, the Republican, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat, Another candidate ? [RANDOMIZE ORDER OF CANDIDATES](READ LIST, SELECT ONE) For whom do you plan to vote?

Trump (R)Clinton (D)Undecided

This question was presented to 800 likely voters from Arkansas who were contacted in some undisclosed fashion. The margin of sampling error is ± 3.5%.

The question wording was provided by Issues & Answers Network, Inc and the University of Arkansas.

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