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Final NJ, NM Polling Projections

By TJHalva | 1 point | June 7, 2016 at 7:08:23 PM CT 0 Comments

New Jersey polls closed about 15 minutes ago, with not results to report yet; here are the polling projections after completing data collection:

New Jersey Democratic Presidential Primary Sanders (D) Clinton (D)

New Mexico was the only other state of the six voting today with a poll conducted in the last 3 years. Here is that single poll from February:

SampleSanders (D)Clinton (D)
NM: Research & Polling Inc., Albuquerque Journal
Feb 23-25, 2016

And finally, we've setup crowd sourced caucus results from North Dakota; the map below with update throughout the night:

There is additional data available including a breakdown of the delegates in each legislative district on the data entry page.


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