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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this site different from any other poll aggregator?

My entire focus is on the actual polling data. Every poll I enter includes the sampling methods, the question ordering, the question wording and sub-sample breakdowns (when available). I know of no other site that includes demographic data broken down by question; that's the value of this site.

What criteria do you consider when including polls?

There is a certain level of information that must be publicly available in order for a poll to qualify for inclusion on this site. If a pollster does not include the sample size or the field date(s), it will not under any circumstances, be entered into the database. I also bypass polls that require payment for access to the data.

How long does it take to enter a poll?

Depending upon the amount of information released, it can take anywhere between 3 and 20 minutes to enter a poll. In some cases, specifically for infrequent pollsters, a fair amount of research is required; research can include a Google session or some sort of direct contact with the pollster. Sometimes certain information is simply not attainable; figuring that out is often a time consuming process.

Why do some election matchups have incomplete data?

Time is the main factor; I prefer to focus on a few specific elections and ensure those are always updated; it's a constant balancing act between maintenance, new features and data aggregation.

Why aren't there any national polls entered on the site?

This data would be nice to have, but it is just too time consuming and I would rather focus my energy on other tasks related to the site.

Some of the graphs look incorrect; why is that?

There may appear to be wild fluctuations; this generally happens because there are either too few data points or they are too far apart to yield a visually reasonable result. The other likely culprit is a bizarre implementation defect where somehow multiple graphs get drawn on top of each other while the graphs are being processed by different web requests. This appears to be a strange threading issue; if it happens refresh the page and it should resolve itself.

Will users ever be able to submit articles to the site?

Yes. Much of the work has already been done on this functionality, but there are some performance and security concerns I need to address before I can launch this capability.

What if I find a bug?

Use the contact page and send me an email with your find and or suggestions. I maintain a list of features as well as issues I'd like to fix, if a certain problem keeps happening, let me know and I'll move it up the list.

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