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Maine Caucus Democratic Popular Vote

This page seeks to crowd-source the result of the popular vote. The form below allows anybody to input results from a precinct caucus; whether you were there, knew somebody who was or saw it on CSPAN, all data is valuable. We also encourage you to provide a citation or documentation, whether its just some short text about your experience or a tweet, to provide some level of verifiability. Multiple reports from the same precinct are encouraged.

The 2016 Maine Democratic Caucus is to be held on Sunday, March 6th between 1-4 PM ET depending on your location. The Maine caucus is a closed caucus which means you must be registered as a Democrat to participate; the registration deadline was February 19, 2016. You are eligible to vote if you are registered and will be 18 years of age on November 8th, 2016. The Maine Delegate Selection Plan allocates 17 delegates in a two-tiered nomination system; the first tier is the municipal caucus held on March 6th and the second is the state convention held in early May. An additional 8 delegates are then allocated based upon the proportion of support received at the state Convention; there are 5 at-large delegates and 3 pledged PLEO delegates.

If you attend a caucus, document the result!

This page has two purposes: (1) To ensure that elections are transparent and accurate; (2) Create a baseline by which pollsters can be ranked given the multiple caucus variables which cannot be accounted for in polling. For more information about the different types of delegates and how they are allocated, refer to our listing of all democratic delegate selection plans.

If you make a mistake, let me know.

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Current Data92 of 530 Precincts Reported

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34 delegates
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